Who We Are:

Connecticut Alimony Reform is a grassroots organization of men and women in all professions, including attorneys, who believe that it’s time for the state to update its antiquated alimony laws for the 21st century, as both New York and Massachusetts have recently done, and as New Jersey and Florida are considering. Adapting provisions and concepts from Massachusetts’ and New York’s new laws, CTAR supports legislation that will bring consistency, predictably and fairness to both parties and their children in this highly contentious area of family law.

End Of Alimony Deduction Hits Connecticut Couples

National Parents Organization

National Parents Organization

We have formed a relationship with National Parents Organization to work on all aspects of family law reform. 

National Parents Organization is the national voice for family law reform.  National Parents Organization, a nonprofit, 501(c)(3), organization, is reforming the family courts to ensure equal treatment for fathers and mothers which, in turn, further guarantees the well-being of their children; to make shared parenting after separation or divorce the norm; and to ensure that finances after separation or divorce are distributed equitably. 


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Help us change the oppressive alimony laws of Connecticut. 

CTAR is a 501(c)(4) organization.

Your contributions are NOT tax deductible because, as a 501(c)(4), CTAR is attempting to influence legislation.

Why Connecticut Laws Need Reform:

Child support guidelines are reviewed by the legislature every few years, as required by the Federal government. By contrast, there is no Federal requirement that alimony laws be examined and updated to keep pace with current social and economic realities.


What We Need:

Connecticut Alimony Reform believes that judges need discretion coupled with guidelines, and that the laws need to give divorcing couples and their mediators and lawyers tools with which to settle their cases, not incentives to litigate them.


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