23 years in hell

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I was divorced in 1989 after 34 years of marriage and 7 grown children, the youngest of which was 23 at the time. We had a home with 500K of equity, and other modest assets. My ex-wife wanted the home, and offered not to ask for alimony if she got her wish. My lawyer, and a judge at our first hearing, said that her demand was ludicrous. I offered a 75/25 split in her favor, which she turned down, and we went to trial. After a very contentious trial, during which she perjured herself many times, the judge (who was on loan from juvenile court, and had never heard a divorce case), ruled for her. I was ordered to sign over our home to her and pay her lifetime alimony of $200 per week. I also paid her lawyer's fees. My "hotshot" lawyer insisted that we would overturn the decision on appeal, but 25K later it was upheld. About 12 years later, I managed to get the alimony reduced to $150 per week, where it now stands.
My ex-wife had a man living in her house for 10 years who was her constant companion, but when I went back to court (about 4 years ago) and tried to get the alimony stopped, she basically threw him out and claimed that he was just a tenant. Another 15K spent and another setback. At that time our financial statements showed that she had a net worth of 750K and I was worth zero. I stopped paying her altogether. She then got the judge to attach my pension and collect her $650 per month, plus the back alimony, and her lawyers fees.
Did I mention that my ex-wife is an alcoholic, or that she cleaned out our joint bank account when I left,
or that the judge also allowed her to keep all my personal property in 1989, including my clothing, which she destroyed.
So here I am living a very good life with a wonderful wife, but living from week to week on a fixed income,
while she can travel the world and live like a queen. Not exactly justice in my mind

welcome to our just and fair system
think of the French..