Changing the Lifetime alimony laws in Connecticut

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Dear State Legislature:
I am writing to request your support of pending legislation to overhaul Connecticut laws concerning court rulings that involve the issue of lifetime alimony. The current laws are antiquated and grossly unfair to the payer’s lifestyle, and this must be rectified as it has been recently in the state of Massachusetts. I am not opposed to alimony, but neither should it be a life sentence. It should provide the previously non-working spouse the opportunity to re-educate, re-tool, and enter the work force as a productive member of society. There must be limits on alimony so that is fair and does not turn the payer into an indentured servant for the rest of his or her life.
My ex-wife, who was awarded lifetime alimony in 2007, does not work, has no intention of working, and lives on over $45,000 per year from the alimony I provide for her. Though she is fully capable of being employed, this lifetime alimony system creates a welfare situation whereby she has no incentive to work; yet I must work extra jobs in order to provide this support. I would suggest a more just modification of Connecticut alimony laws as follows: Alimony should be provided for one-third of the duration of the marriage, which would amount to a little over eight years in my case. This is plenty of preparation time for a person to re-enter the work force.
Alimony should end upon retirement and this is another unjust aspect of the current laws. Judges have far too much discretion in ordering life-time alimony and this creates a terrible hardship in second families who have the right to plan for their futures. The alimony I pay is depleting our savings and making it impossible for my wife and I to prepare for eventual retirement. It is unclear whether or not I will have to pay alimony when I retire as it is seems open to the vagaries of the judges and the courts. This should not be. I should have the right to retire and alimony should not be a life sentence. Alimony recipients and divorce lawyers profit from these unjust laws that tie-up the courts as requests for modifications clog the system.
I urge you to consider the growing number of voices across this country that are protesting these antiquated laws that demean both men and women. Permanent alimony as a default needs to end. Alimony is a financial rehabilitation, not a lifetime windfall. We need a law with clear guidelines for duration and termination of alimony.
I ask for your support and look forward to hearing from you.

Brian Q. Torff
Guilford, CT.

I commend you on a nicely written letter. I would hope that many just copy this and forward it to their perspective state legislators.

Your situation is the same as mine. I'm 68 years old and have lifetime alimony. I have been paying for almost ten years after a 24 year marriage. My ex wife has the ability to fully support herself with no alimony, but she would rather partipate in the marital welfare system of free money.

Some say that I should retire and request a modication to terminate alimony based on my reduced income; but, being granted alimony elimination is at the discretion of the judge. It's not a guarantee. If I lose, I would have to go back to work. This present system has me enslaved for the rest of my life.

I have paid for 1/3 after 29 reward...a 300% increase and from retirement to forever....
system is broken
no common sense or fairness