Ct alimony law equals extortion

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I’m living through the hell and corrupt insanity of the Connecticut alimony law system, and I never lived or was married in Connecticut! My husband and I married in 2004 and we live in another state. He was divorced from his first wife in CT in 2000. She filed in 1997 when he found checks were bouncing and he tried to regain control of the finances from her compulsive spending. He agreed immediately to a 50/50 settlement. It took 2 years and 250k dollars, not to mention much misery and abuse by lawyers, to come to the same agreement. For the past 12 years she has been receiving 15k per MONTH plus a large percent of his yearly bonus, plus plus plus plus. This was to continue until he retired or reached age 65.

Two and a half years ago my husband was served with a modification of alimony lawsuit. Ever since then, we have been living a nightmare that seems to have no end. She claimed “skyrocketing: medical expenses and inability to pay the out of pocket costs, but then couldn’t back up the claim with proof. Since we pay her medical insurance, we knew it was a lie. But as we have learned, in CT, lawyers can lie and make up stories, falsify affidavits, present no corroborating evidence, and WIN. We went through the sham of a hearing last March in which the (woman) judge, ruled from the bench, with no deliberation whatsoever, to increase the amount of alimony from 15k per month to 40k PER MONTH and extended the duration FOREVER or until one of them dies AND made the ruling retroactive for one year! The “honorable” judge did all of this while at the same time saying that the ex didn’t need the money and could, in fact, live quite well on the original amount! What the....?!!!!?

We are now in the process of appealing this insanity while we liquidate retirement assets to pay a single woman with a compulsive spending habit 40k per month. To make matters more interesting, my husband lost his job in December. The appeals process is turning out to be just as senseless as the superior court debacle. Again, her lawyers are lying and fabricating stories in the appeals documents in direct contradiction to the facts of the case presented at the superior court hearing.

Connecticut alimony law is a medieval and corrupt system that serves to benefit lawyers and judges but seeks to destroy and punish those who have the unfortunate luck of getting caught in it. There is no justice, no sense, and it allows extortion by ex’s and lawyers (and judges possibly) on all levels. Worse, Im watching what it is doing to the man I love. His mental, spiritual, and physical health is being adversely affected from the frustration, anger, despair, injustice and insanity caused by the CT alimony law machine. We are stuck in it, and it grinds on...

In our modification my ex came up with the medical name for dry mouth as a reason not to even show up to the hearing. She scheduled a doctor's appointment that day knowing full well she did not need to even show and still retains life time alimony. Of course, my 2 week hospital stay 2 months earlier for burst appendix had no bearing in the case.

Dear Purgatory,
We know exactly what you are going through and feel your pain! The corruption, deceit, and lack of common sense is alive and well in the CT Family Court System among judges and lawyers. This is why we must change this law and expose these erroneous decisions and those who are responsible. Please let me know if we can be of any assistance/support to you next time you are in CT. In the mean time, stay strong and know you are in thoughts and prayers. - jasper