Divorce in Connecticut

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My divorce story began when I discovered my wife one evening out on the town with an other man. Within 2 days, I was served with papers.....ironically, a bill came to our house from her attorney which showed that she had her initial consultation 3 months prior to my finding out that she was seeing someone else.
Having been married for over twenty years, and having a home that was within 18 payments of being paid off in full, my ex started the process by refusing to leave the house, and that is how we lived for the next two years as the proceedings dragged on, and I spent close to $100,000.00 in legal fees, as her lawyer was essentially paid for with funds out of our final settlement. So for the 2 years that the process took, I was paying her an additional $1000.00 per month in principle on my mortgage payment. Fortunately the judge denied temporary alimony as she was still living in the house, and I was ordered to continue paying all the expenses...she by the way, was a working professional, so for the two years was able save ALL of her income....
My divorce ended up having to go all the way to a judged trial, which was probably the two worst days of my entire life. She even tried to bring in an expert witness, who never showed up to testify that she was physically unable to work, but he did send in a brief statement supporting her claim...he probably didn't want to run the risk of perjury or contempt on the stand as he was a board certified physician.
I could, as many of us, probably write a very gritty cheap novel of our divorce experience in the State of Connecticut. My goal in supporting the efforts of the Alimony Reform Group is to help,change the outdated and family destroying judgements that are currently being handed down by the Connecticut Judical System. Alimony should be a temporary financial award to help individuals get back on their feet, get training which will allow them to obtain or regain means to provide for themselves, and not, what has become popular in the American culture, of a lifetime of entitlements....Alimony awards which carry into retirement can result in extreme hardship to the paying spouse, and actually result in a much better quality of life for the receiving party. And the issue of cohabitation in the State of Connecticut with regards to enforcement, is frankly, a joke.....and a topic for another day.....

at a hearing before the Senate in Ct, I explained my story and answered questions. The best one was..." did I hear you remarried" yes I am. " Why would you do that after what happened to you?"..think about it