Duplicous Litigation

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Even though I suspected the outcome, I still was a little surprised at the cold calculated way in which I was found in contempt of court today. Ordered to pay more alimony for years 4 years that I earned more money, without regard to the 3 in which I paid the ex 2x what I made. Out of ten years I have been shackled with Alimony. Along with my lifetime alimony I have a clause in my divorce decree that provides for my ex to receive more money if I earn over a certain amount, but does nothing if I earn much less. My only recourse is to continually, potentially yearly, to file for modification when my wages drop. Having heard from other members I know full well that this is not only expensive, but usually not possible given today's climate of extreme bias towards the alimony payor. All this occurred after I had just completed a modification. At which the time the discussion of my average earnings were discussed or at least I was told and we settled based on the merit of my ex receiving social security. Somehow this all was a lie. And did I mention the ex does not even have to show even after being ordered too (in the modification and today's hearings). I guess when the payor does this it is contempt, but for the payee, not so much. I feel like a criminal. Awaiting the day when I will be incarcerated. Things have to change!

In this system you are a criminal..a male