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Has anyone had any success in modifying alimony, and if so what was the basis for the modification?

I have tried unsuccessfully on numerous occassions to modify my alimony. Because my income is significantly higher than my ex, she counters by asking for an increase. Fortunately, the judge has denied her request because she is collecting enough to maitain her lifestyle. However, my request is also denied, and I am instructed to pay her lawyer's fees.

I am 68 years and have been paying alimony for almost ten years. I'm still working because I cannot afford to retire. I can't even save enough to retire comfortablly. My ex has a good job, and could be making significantly more; but, she's concerned that her alimony could be reduced if her income increases.

I call this system, "Martial Welfare". Those who are financially successful must support those who are less financially successful, even though they do nothing to improve their finacial position.

My ex has no plans to re-marry becase she would risk losing alimony.

My ex decided that she no longer wanted to be married, and filed for divorce so that she could independent and live a free spirited lifestyle. I am now paying for and supporting that lifestyle. She elected to no longer be married; but, she she contiues to enjoy the financial benefits of being married. She can have her cake and eat it, too.

It appears that the only way out of this alimnony is death. I'm hoping that someone reading this has found a more acceptable solution. Her death would be such an unpleasant siuation.

We are finding that most of our members have been through the modification process at least once. We (meaning those who have been through this process) have lived under the illusion that the terms of our divorce would allow us to someday legitimately reduce or stop our alimony obligations based on cohabitation or significant changes in income (after all, it spells it out in our divorce decree). All so far have been sadly mistaken. Right now Court does not appear to be the place to seek family law justice. That's why we have formed Connecticut Alimony Reform. Our goal is to change the laws governing alimony at the state legislative level, so that the courts will be obliged to follow more stringent guidelines. Including alimony term limits, rights to retirement and cohabitation proof.
We've seen from Massachusetts new alimony law that this can be done and we join a number of other state's groups (who we are in contact with) that are in the process of working towards making these changes.
Bottom line is resolving this yourself can be all together unpleasant. Helping us to change the law and finally get the justice we deserve would be really sweet!

David Conway
Connecticut Alimony Reform