Misplaced trust

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I was divorced in late April 2004 and given 10 years of substantial alimony payments even though my former wife is a well paid state employee. Part of the alimony was also a share of my bonus, which I received quarterly back then. Although I had a substantial bonus paid out the February before the divorce, I offered my ex wife to back date agreement to Jan 1, 2004 - making real estate tax on three houses, mortgage interest and other issues easier to deal with. It meant paying out on the portion of bonus she would not normally get (25% of bonus went to her)

Now, ten years later she says she will file an action for non payment of alimony if she does not get her January check by Feb 1...and that she remembers the extra in 2004 as a gift. When we made the agreement 10 years ago I said we should get it notorized but she assured me, in an email she would "never do that", meaning lie about the agreement

I have lived in other states since the divorce and do not want to go to the sleazy court room again..lawyers will handle it - but the time and cost to defend is ridiculous.

Just a word that 10 years and 100's of 1000's in alimony, and some will lie for a little bit more, so be careful not to trust your former spouse, ever