never get married, ever

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if i have to give one advice to people it would be: never get married. the law bans drugs because it's detrimental to public health. marriage could be worse. half end up in divorce, the other end up with miserable people, save a few. the emotional and financial toll is a 100x worse than any drug.

mine ended up in divorce too although it was evident that it was doomed from the beginning. 18 years and a couple of kids. living with a hostile, bitter, vindictive person who takes pleasure in torturing and harassing others. she has 2 advanced degrees paid for by me, lives in a big house, drives fancy cars and i am stuck with child support and alimony for years. i don't get it. we divorced, split up the assets and figured out the child support (which in itself was unfair but whatever). wtf is alimony for?

it seems to be a common thread here. well educated and capable women living it up on their ex's dime and nothing the ex can do about it. didn't women struggle for equal rights, burned their bras, got educated and became feminists? but oh no, when it comes to alimony, a man should pay.

if you are in love and thinking marriage, think hard. statistically you are screwed, specially if you are a man. you can liberate yourself from your parents, siblings, children. but your wife, you will always be shackled to her and her whims. it's like that movie 'misery', she will never let you go.

if we can save one man from making the horrible mistake of marriage, then it's worth it. get girlfriends, keep things casual, hire escorts, whatever. don't fall into the marriage trap.

Reminded me of an article we linked to last year;

No one can apply for a credit card or take out a car loan or home mortgage without being buried in pages of legally mandated disclosures describing, in excruciating detail, your total payments, penalties assessed for late payment, and the consequences of default. But any 18-year-old with less life experience than a tuna fish sandwich can sign a marriage license with potential consequences far more devastating than defaulting on a mortgage or missing a credit card payment. And the issuer of that license has no legal requirement to disclose a single word about the potentially devastating financial consequences of divorce.

see full article here: