Working out of state due to unemployment

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My story and deep concern:
I have been paying alimony and unemployed after leaving active military service. I went to court and argued my case for not having the dollars and did show that I was in the reserves once a month. The judge also reviewed my homework of having a tight financial statement of my accounts payables and income. The ex wife wanted her usual 200.00 per week which I could never pay. My payment was reduced to 25.00 per week. Once I got unemployment I was threatened for more money again and settled on 50.00 per week.
I have taken a position as a contractor in Washington, DC after being unemployed for 14 months. I have to pay my CT mortgage and now a rent in the highest area of the country. I cannot pay large amounts of alimony because I would not be able to live here and pay my mortgage. The house is underwater on value and I need to wait it out.

The ex-wife purchased a home utilizing the alimony, which is limited and tied to my income, as additional income and is mortgaged to her chin. This is not my problem as I purchased a tiny place and make payments that would be same as rent.

How, besides showing my tight financial picture to the court would I be able to do this? If I have to pay large amounts I will have to leave the job because I could not in any case live here and pay rent.
This is so outrageous. She could take a small amount and be happy, but will be bent on destruction of me. I have not said anything and continue to pay her the current amount. I am living in fear and concern.

I have just started the position and have sent her an e-mail that I am working, however it is limited and if I am dragged away to CT court I can kiss this job bye bye. My current wife and I have been threatened by her before, but know our rights. Income is based on me alone.
I need help on this and extremely worried that I will lose it all.
Please advise

I have been unemployed for over a year and behind on all my bills and late paying my mortgage. I took a job out of state and hate being away from my wonderful wife and paying rent and mortgage. Very concerned.

It seems that family court either does not know or care about the state of the economy and it's affect on alimony payors. Had you still been married your wife would have had to share the burden of your economic hardship, yet unmarried she is awarded an income befitting pre-2008 economy. Leaving one to believe that the alimony's true purpose is punishment rather than equitable distribution of income.
Those who have attempted modification know full well that the only way this can change is by changing the law!