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Alimony for Cohabiters, Still, in 2012

Alimony for Cohabiters, Still, in 2012

a new article by Liz Benedict


Is Alimony Still Necessary?

Connecticut Law Review

Connecticut family law practitioners confirm results of national survey
Attorney Gaetano “Guy” Ferro said regardless of whether the big bread winner is a male or a female, there are still problems in Connecticut with judges being inconsistent with the size of alimony awards.


Alimony for Cohabiters: A Bitter Pill?

Fairfield Patch Debate

A lively alimony debate on the Fairfield Patch:

Is Alimony Still Necessary? Yes, But...

We invite our members and those who have suffered with outdated alimony judgements to add their comments to this important debate.


Divorce Hotel

A new approach to Divorce:

Quick Getaways, at the Divorce Hotel


The Alimony Taboo: Can We Talk?

Please take a moment to read and comment on this informative ne article by Liz Benedict:

Westport Patch, "The Alimony Taboo"

and RSVP us at info@ctalimony for or June 6, (6-9pm) meeting in Westport.


Alimony Reform Moves Forward

Thanks to everyone who attended our June 6 meeting in Westport. We had a good turnout, and a surprise visitor: Westport divorce lawyer, Arnold Rutkin, a prominent attorney statewide who led the fight to kill the reform bill that CTAR supported. Clearly, CTAR is on his radar, and he wanted to find out what we are up to.

He mingled with members and engaged in an animated discussion during the Q-and-A. He was extremely articulate about the problems in the family court system ("It's a nightmare, and it's getting worse"), and insisted he intends to hold a "symposium" on the problems, but that it can't be completed for "a year or two." We engaged him on this issue of waiting, and actually went through some provisions of the CTAR-supported bill, looking for common ground and for ways to create a bill that would do what he insists the law needs to do to protect families. Instead of moving forward in this way, he reverted to his "symposium" as the vehicle for discussion.

CTAR is not waiting for Atty. Rutkin's symposium. We are eager to work with members of the Bar on creating a bill that will fix the "nightmare." And we are working with legislators who understand the depth and severity of the problems - and want to begin fixing them now, not in "a year or two."

Now more than ever, we need you, your friends, and your families to join us in these efforts.

Spread the word about CTAR, and pass the hat. Your donations are urgently needed to continue our work. Press the DONATE button above and give what you can.

And stay tuned for information about our next meeting ~~


Huffington Post Article on Alimony

Alimony: Women Increasingly Paying Alimony To Their Ex Husbands
By Patricia Reaney

NEW YORK, May 10 (Reuters) - Tables have turned in U.S. divorce courts with more women paying their former husbands alimony and child support than ever before, according to U.S. lawyers.


The Real Story on the MA Alimony Reform Act

The Boston Bar helped create an Alimony Law that they are rightfully proud of and willing to defend in this article.

The Real Story on the MA Alimony Reform Act
Kathleen Joyce
Director of Government Relations
Boston Bar Association



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