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Consumer Protection Laws

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Ah yes, if only we had known: a wonderful new article on marriage and divorce:

Should Consumer Protection Laws Cover Marriage Licenses?
By Bill Frezza


Time Cover Story - Women, Money and Power

Women, Money and Power

By Liza Mundy

Time Magazine recognizes that women's roll in society has changed dramatically, perhaps it's time that Connecticut legislature and family courts did too. We encourage our members to comment on this article. Please mention
See the Cover for this article by clicking on the Read More link below.


Journal Inquirer Alimony News

Alimony laws need an update

Alimony laws need an update
By Elizabeth Benedict


Phil Mikan Talk Show

Listen to the broadcast wit Ryan Barry on the Phil Mikan Show to gain an excellent understanding of the need for Raised Bill #5509

Originally Broadcast 3/27/12 at 10 am et on WMRD 1150 am and WLIS 1420 am


Overhaul of alimony law wins praise

Alimony Reform Bill Hearings on March 19

Monday March 19 was a huge day for Connecticut’s alimony reform movement. Eleven people, many of them members of CTAR, testified movingly before the Joint Committee on the Judiciary, in Hartford, in favor of Raised Bill No. 5509. The day was very long – and stretched well into the night.

The committee did not vote on the bill yet; it has until April 2nd to do that. Between now then, we must contact committee members with our stories, especially where we are constituents, and we must get more alimony payers and their families involved in writing to legislators NOW. This is how a bill becomes a law: citizens take action.


Raised Bill # 5509

A bill to reform alimony has been introduced in the Connecticut House, Raised Bill No. 5509. Hearings on this bill will be held on Monday March 19, in the Joint Committee on the Judiciary at 1pm. Go to our WRITE YOUR LEGISLATOR tab and follow instructions on contacting your two Connecticut legislators - your senator and your House representative to express your support for Raised Bill NO. 5509.


Raised Bill # 5509

We are pleased to announce Raised Bill 5509. In this legislative session of the Connecticut General Assembly.



Wall Street Journal on New York Alimony law

Steve Hitner on Alimony

(CNN) -- My marriage ended in 1995 after 23 years. My two daughters were adults. I knew I would be required to pay alimony, split the assets and provide health insurance for a reasonable period of time. But a marriage that had been difficult for many years was finally over, or so I thought. I didn't know I was about to enter the twilight zone of alimony-without-end in Massachusetts.

New law stops injustice of 'alimony without end'



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