Alimony laws warrant review

Marriage may end in divorce, but sometimes alimony lasts from the time the judge orders it all the way to the grave.As such, it is essential that the laws regulating alimony be fair and that they be kept current to reflect present-day realities. (read more)



Alimony awards should be subject to clear and binding guidelines that must be followed in all cases. We must do away with the powers left with corrupt judges and lawyers who dole out alimony awards depending upon the whims, likes, prejudices and deceptive practices of the judges and lawyers who have great skill in altering, disguising the facts of a particular case and misleading the Courts into believing what they want in order to achieve big fees, retainers and contingency awards. This practice is similar to the days of the ambulance chasers and the policy of digging into the deep pockets no matter what it takes so that the lawyers will profit at the expense of the payer victims. Debtors[prisons need to be abolished just as slavery was supposed to be!